March 8, 1998 | Curtis Lawrence

When I was a kid, our family would breeze down the Dan Ryan Expy. in our station wagon headed home to our middle-class neighborhood.

My father says my sister, brother and I would gaze up at the towering public housing developments between 35th and 55th streets and say, “Dad, why can’t we live there?”

As I grew older, my fantasies about the buildings that touched the sky faded. I heard news accounts and tales about life in housing complexes – the shootings, the chronic unemployment, the seeming lack of family values. But I didn’t hear much about people like Jeanette Wallace. She’s a Dearborn Homes resident who is a crew leader for the Muhammad Ali Community and Economic Development Corp. [READ MORE]

Curtis Lawrence. “Hope and a helping hand // A positive for public housing.” Chicago Sun-Times. Sun-Times News Group. 1998. HighBeam Research. 13 Aug. 2018