Our Team

  • Dennis Muhammad - Executive Director and Founder of Do For Self CDC

    Dennis Muhammad

    Executive Director and Founder
    A protégé of Muhammad Ali & Herbert Muhammad, Dennis founded DFS in 1994. He is responsible for DFS's focused vision and strategy in community development.
  • Navena Muhammad - VP Office Operations of Do for Self CDC

    Navena Muhammad

    VP Office Operations
    Navena leads our office team in headquarters & with several decades of experience, she provides a wealth of guidance and support making all of this possible.
  • Halimah El-Amin - Office Administrator of Do For Self CDC

    Halimah El-Amin

    Office Administrator
    Halimah's experience in accounting & non-for-profit strategy are invaluable to DFS, as she assists the organization in staying on the cutting edge in its approaches.
  • Administrative Assistant of Do for Self CDC

    HaNiyyah Ali

    Administrative Assistant
    HaNiyyah's 20 years of professional experience in business, law, & technology has empowered DFS's mission, as she provides leadership & liaises as support.
  • Khalid Habeel - Communications Administrator of Do For Self CDC

    Khalid Habeel

    Communications Administrator
    Khalid's experience in many skill sets allows him to play a crucial role in strengthening DFS's online presence while instituting systems to streamline DFS's throughput.

Field Team

  • Dennis Muhammad Jr

    Head Foreman & Lead Trainer
    Dennis Jr has several decades of experience with general contracting. He leads the teams in the field, providing direction to new recruits.
  • Philip "Capree" Johnson

    Capri has worked as a general contractor for over 15 years. His experience has made him crucial to our organization in our education efforts.

About Us

          With the keen awareness that government spending on social initiatives as it relates to business development, employment  and training (B.E.T.) opportunities for ex-offenders and other socially and economically disadvantaged troubled youth have best drastically reduced we began to develop partnerships with public and private sectors. The goal of Do for Self (DFS) is to empower the lives of our troubled youth who strive to improve their living conditions with the desire to do for self in an honorable way. We will assist them in achieving this goal through our initiative of B.E.T.

Our B.E.T. initiative will equip them with marketable skills in the building and maintenance trades with hands on training instead of a hand out. DFS hears one question frequently. How is it different from other not-for-profits, that claim to improve the lives of people in devastated communities? The answer is always the same, specifically; “We deliver tangible programs and results to people, not events, galas and trainings whose motivational affects fizzle away immediately.” Moreover, “We support our people with an on-going program that mentors and builds business acumen including business certification, compliance, infrastructure, marketing and financing. The individuals we assist launch companies that grow and move up market.”

Historically and now, we have invested in the power of partnerships with companies and individuals such as Northern Trust Bank, The Chicago Housing Authority, The Chicago Public Schools, His Honor the Mayor, Richard M. Daley, PNC Bank, and now we are reaching out to you the public to assist us in supporting this initiative. DFS achieves its life altering work by building character, providing training in the construction trades and supporting personal and business growth through hands on direction.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization and your contributions mean all the difference in what we are able to accomplish. Please donate to empower this program.
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