• Work Gang Outshines Street Gang!

What is Do For Self?

Do For Self (DFS) trains, employs, and develops former gang members, ex-offenders, and other socially disenfranchised members of the community so they can transform the communities they live in while earning a legitimate income.

Do for Self Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a 501(c)(3) Not for Profit CDC that evolved out of The Muhammad Ali Community & Economic Development Corporation, a for profit company n/k/a MDC Economic Development Co.

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Do For Self
  • Do For Self is Reducing Crime by Fighting Poverty

Chicago Poverty & Crime

  • Crime

    The violent crime rate in the area outlined in red is 350% higher than in the remainder of Chicago, according to a study conducted by the Field Foundation.

    It is no coincidence that we see high crime in areas of high poverty. They lack of opportunities cause many to seek out a means of financial stability through illegal activities if the legal opportunities aren't numerous enough.

  • Access to Jobs

    22% of the population in the area outlined in red faces commutes to work in excess of 60 minutes. This is a rate that is 70% higher than the remainder of Chicago and presents a painful barrier in obtaining and maintaining employment.

    DFS's model is built to create jobs where the people are so that they can work, spend, and live in the same communities. This will establish the economic engine needed to transform impoverished communities.

  • Our Base!

    We are located on the South Side of Chicago in the middle of where Chicago's most disenfranchised are struggling. We see the despair, we see the potential, and we have a working plan.

How We Fight Poverty!

1. Train the Disenfranchised

1. Train the Disenfranchised

Many people have challenges that have caused them to be seen as unhireable by most employers. We pursue these individuals to give them the skills they need to succeed.

Former Gangmembers
2. Provide Employment

2. Provide Employment

DFS isn't like typical job training programs which only give stipends. Our trainees are employees who receive on-the-job training. This assures that they have much needed income as they obtain new skills.

3. Foster Development

3. Foster Development

Our environment is specifically design to instill a wealth of values in addition to skills to assure that our employees can truly learn to Do-For-Self, so that they may do for others.

Organization Skills
  • Would you believe this work was done by former gang members, ex-offenders, and urban troubled youth?

The Look of Real Progress

Do For Self

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We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization and your contributions mean all the difference in what we are able to accomplish. Please donate to empower this program.
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